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 Taking eco-agriculture and health maintenance as the pillar industry, Reifore B.V. is a well-known Chinese business enterprise in the kingdom of the Netherlands. We are dedicated to the elderly care of the Dutch pensioners. Over the next five years, more than 3 million pensioners in the kingdom of the Netherlands will continue to grow, and the demand for them will grow. Therefore, Reifore B.V. carried out a healthcare tourism plan for the elderly in the Netherlands. The plan will arrange for customers to travel to places such as Hunan, Hainan and other places of China for one to three months to experience the health and nutrition travel of traditional Chinese therapy, so as to create an international health industry featuring healthcare tourism vacation of China and Holland

The rehabilitation tourism project of Reifore B.V. is a leisure tourism activity for the purpose of curing diseases and convalescence. This project is mainly aimed at the Dutch middle-aged and elderly people who are interested in Chinese culture. While appreciating the magnificent Oriental beauty, they can also experience the health effects of traditional Chinese therapy. The main activity site of the project is located in Boao city, Hainan province, which is known as "the eastern Hawaii", and Pingjiang county in Hunan province, which is endowed with the beauty of "the autumn wind is thousands of miles furong country"


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    REIFORE Our company is a reputable corporation that commits to create value for our clients by discovering, promoting, and marketing overseas healthcare tourism at profit. Reifore is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and has operations worldwide. We aim to build a world-class company by acquiring overseas travelling projects with potential for high-margin operations and sustainable growth. Our diverse and talented employees worldwide c...

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