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Reifore has a lot to offer to you with its experienced professionals. Working in an environment which is full of innovation, being part of a global team and big projects are only a few benefits amongts the thousands. You will get the advantages of gaioning necessary skills & experience and walk towards becoming a leader. We can offer you right opportunities according to your aims and skills with our wide-range global activities.

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Sales representative

Job descriptions:
1. According to the company's strategic plan and annual objectives, to complete the company's sales targets;
2. Promoting company's products and service information, implementing sales policies and marketing promotional activities, and establishing the professional image of the company;
3. Developing and maintaining sales channels, intermediates, and customers;
4. Collecting the update industrial information and marketing status, getting the ;latest news of the company, and providing high-quality business solutions for our partners and customers;
5. Other work assigned by line managers.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance and marketing;
2. More than one year relevant working experience;
3. With good professional ethics, team-working, can work under pressure, not 9/5 mindset;
4. With good communication skills, business development capabilities, negotiation skills, and work resistance.

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    REIFORE Our company is a reputable corporation that commits to create value for our clients by discovering, promoting, and marketing overseas healthcare tourism at profit. Reifore is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and has operations worldwide. We aim to build a world-class company by acquiring overseas travelling projects with potential for high-margin operations and sustainable growth. Our diverse and talented employees worldwide c...

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